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Empowering Youth With Advanced Computational Resources to Promote Scientific Creativity
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What We Do

Computation is the tool of almost every academic field, including medicine, physics, astronomy, finance, and language. However, high-school students do not have access to resources to explore these fields, and are not exposed to advanced methods in these fields. Epoch, a student organization at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), is working to provide these resources to the IMSA community.

Computing Cluster

Epoch is developing a student-developed CUDA-enabled high performance computing cluster to support Machine Learning (ML) and other computational workloads. Using this cluster, students can accelerate their training and computation workloads with highly-parallelized hardware.


Epoch is developing easy-to-follow curriculum to educate the IMSA community regarding ML and other computational fields. In addition to our Intersession events, we also hold various seminars throughout the year to engage the IMSA community.

Our Teams

These teams ensure Epoch runs smoothly, as well as provide additional hands-on opportunities.

Cluster Team

Design and maintain the Epoch cluster to support the computational sciences.

Business Team

Raising funds for cluster development and educational outreach.

Relations Team

Manage both internal and external relations and communicate with all stakeholders.

Our Board

Gautham Anne


Braeden Cullen


Shria Halkoda


Bhavyaa Chauhan


Melanie Cuenca


Board members manage the direction and operation of Epoch to ensure smooth operations and steady progress towards our goals.

Our Shadow Board

Shadow board members take over for their main board counterparts when their counterpart graduates.

Shadow board members train under their main board counterparts to understand how Epoch works and to ensure a smooth transfer of power.